Passing the torch to the next generation of societal leaders

The Supporters

Supporters play an essential role in 40u40! They help select the Fellows during the interview phase, they share expertise and wisdom with the Fellows, and they help grow the initiative. By endorsing this initiative, Supporters participate to a leadership transmission between generations. 

The wealth of experience provided by the group of Supporters is a precious gift for the Fellows, who can accelerate their development by benefiting from the coaching of seasoned individuals. The role in which they help the most is the individual Mentorship offered to each participant of 40u40. Mentorship is aimed at providing participants an accelerated personal and leadership development journey through regular one-on-one interactions with one of the Supporters. As mentoring is bi-directional, it is also an opportunity for the Mentors to be exposed to the ideas, challenges, questions and reflections of the next generation, and forge a strong connection with a younger leader.

Meet the Supporters

The group of Supporters continues to grow and diversify!

Organisational support

Mentorship at the core

"I always saw mentoring as an ability for me to grow. Initially, I was thinking about giving. Giving some time to others to help. To be able to give what I felt I did not receive myself at the beginning of my career, when I decided to move from medicine to business. And so as soon as I thought that I could have something to share I did offer time to mentor. Very quickly, I realized that it was not just about giving but also about growing myself. I do not even remember one hour of mentoring when I did not feel grateful of the richness of the dialogue and the experience.
For me it is linked to few elements which are unique: it is a safe space where there is no judgement nor bias created by hierarchy or interest, it is an experience of diversity, it is an experience of expressing vulnerability, it is a chance to be surprised and to get other perspectives...
And most of all it is about people. 40u40 offer a wonderful opportunity to build a better future by bringing different people together. For the supporters, engaging actively in this experience will give us some unique insights. My first mentoring sessions with young leaders have already nicely illustrated all of the above and I have been personally energized with the connections this had created. I am grateful to actively participate in this unique platform."
Jean-Christophe Tellier
“I decided to be a mentor to the 40u40 because I believe in this initiative which is both change and future oriented. Those 40 Fellows come from very diverse backgrounds and want to impact Belgian society through working together on projects and developing their leadership skills.
As a mentor I can share my life and professional experiences and be a ‘sounding’ board for the mentee who can test his/her ideas and projects. Good mentors ask a lot of questions to truly understand the mentee’s context and engage in a co-sharing relationship.
There is also ‘reverse’ mentoring as the mentors also learn about the challenges of the younger generation. As an example, I learned a lot about the world of social media from my mentee, who works in that sector. During the sessions with your mentee, spread over a year, you will experience a mutual beneficiary and rewarding relationship. You do not need special competences to be a mentor except an open and non-judgmental mind and your leadership experience; you also get some guidance in the set-up process of the mentorship from the 40u40 organizers.”
Martine van den Poel
Executive Leadership Coach INSEAD

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Quentin & Jean-Christophe

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