Passing the torch to the next generation of societal leaders

Leading and shaping
the society of tomorrow

Leading and shaping
the society of tomorrow

Our call for candidates for the Cohort 2024 has closed!

leadership & Impact Journey

Through an intensive one-year program, we boost the development of young leaders and increase their societal footprint. We offer a unique platform of personal development with a societal dimension at its core. Together they embark on an accelerated journey centered on meaning, social responsibility and impact.

During this journey, the Fellows grow as leaders, widen their perspectives, forge deep relations with peers, and experiment the complexity of changing the world. Intertwined with the leadership development, societal impact is an essential part of the journey. Participation to the program is free of charge for the Fellows, but it requires a real time and energy commitment.

Societal engagement

Our program is addressed to young leaders in their 20’s or 30’s, who are animated by a strong desire to make the world better. The 40u40 program is specifically designed to help them become the leaders they aspire to be. Through the people that we touch with this program, we grow our impact on society. 

Calling largely for candidates, we assemble cohorts of 40 diverse profiles below 40 years old. We have launched our two inaugural Cohorts in 2021, and our ambition is to create one cohort per year going forward. Our next call for applicants will take place in Spring 2024.

Community Minded

Our society is rich and diverse, and 40u40 aims at creating magical encounters that would not have happened elsewhere. 

During the program, the Fellows get to discover different ways to look at society and to address its complexity. By exploring what brings them together, the Fellows enrich their views on the world and forge deep relations.


The initiative is backed by an exceptional group of more than 80 leaders committed to support the next generation. They have accumulated a wealth of experience and wisdom that they are willing to share with younger leaders to accelerate and deepen their impact on society. The Fellows benefit from the guidance of accomplished leaders through individual mentorship and expertise sharing. 


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