Passing the torch to the next generation of societal leaders

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The Story: "Passing the torch"

The idea of Belgium’s 40 under 40 emerged in 2020 from reflexions and discussions between three of the initiators, Laurent Coulie, Gaëtan Hannecart and Pierre Gurdjian. They were quickly joined by Diane Thibaut, who brought in a rich coaching and leadership experience, and various civil society actors. The initiative was first announced in a carte-blanche in newspapers L’Echo and De Tijd, calling for a leadership generational transmission. 

Inspired by the concrete experiences of the founders, the publication of “Passing the torch” was meant as a piece of reflection to address complex challenges faced by our society and the acute need for new solutions. This article created significant traction: dozens of young talents have reached out to be part of it, and more than 70 accomplished leaders have enthusiastically supported the creation of the initiative. 

The objective is to bring together talented young leaders and give them a platform to develop their ideas, connect with one another, and create a positive impact on society. Now is the time for action!

Belgium’s 40 under 40 is not affiliated to any institution or organisation and it is apolitical.

Watch the interview on LN24 of co-founders Laurent Coulie and Pierre Gurdjian:


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