About the journey

Co-creation forums

You will be invited to several in-person and virtual gatherings. There you will have opportunities to share what you (want to) do and why. You will also be inspired by the stories of the other participants and the mentors. These conversations will help you develop your ideas and reflect on how to have impact.

In these forums you will meet fellow leaders with whom you can team up. Through collective intelligence you will generate concrete solutions that address real challenges.

Personal development

Your participation will boost your societal leadership in three ways:

      1. You will engage in an active reflexion about your personal journey and your sense of purpose.
      2. You will have stimulating and inspiring discussions with fellow young leaders who are confronted to similar questions.
      3. You will have a direct connection with accomplished leaders sharing their experience and offering mentorship and coaching.

These interactions, conversations and reflections are the core of the personal development experience we offer you.


Participants are asked to commit time, energy and goodwill (there is no financial contribution expected to join the initiative). Practically, you will participate with the other participants and the mentors in a few in-person and virtual forums over 2021 (the modalities will depend on the sanitary situation). Our intention is to have 3-5 of these activities over 2021.

To make the most out of this experience, you will also have the opportunity to engage with other participants outside of the forums, have individual connections with mentors, initiate concrete actions… Your involvement is therefore a personal decision. We will offer you the necessary support to make it a success and we count on you to stay committed all the way.