About the Initiators

Laurent Coulie

Laurent dedicates his time to different non-profits and societal projects. He created a purpose-driven leadership development platform to boost societal engagement amongst the younger generation. Laurent is also working with a global philanthropic organization that develops and implements innovative models of social and economic development for emerging countries.

Pierre Gurdjian

Pierre is active in various societal and philanthropic initiatives around education, humanitarian values, and economic development. He is the President of the Board of the Université libre de Bruxelles and a board member of several public and private institutions. A former Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, Pierre has advised hundreds of executives on their leadership journey and built distinctive practices and forums for leaders to grow. 

Gaëtan Hannecart

Gaëtan is the former CEO of the real estate group Matexi and board member of several public and private organizations. He is also the initiator of societal platforms YouthStart Belgium, that promotes skills development for youngsters in need, and Itinera Institute, a think-tank for sustainable economic growth.


"I believe in the power of bringing people together and the 'wisdom of the crowd' effect, for young leaders to come up with innovative solutions to tomorrow's challenges."
"I am amazed by the spirit and the energy of the younger generation. I believe it is time for them to step in and take the lead, and I am ready to offer them experience and guidance."
"I share with many of my generation a strong desire to make the world better. I believe it is time to join forces together and with the previous generation to generate positive impact."