About the Concept

Societal challenges

The coronavirus crisis has exacerbated the challenges of our time. The complexity and the nature of the issues require in-depth reflections and concerted responses. Whether it is about health management, end-of-life supervision, well-being and more broadly work, mobility, food, social inclusion, education, energy, climate, digital, information, policy making… On all these topics, our society needs a mobilizing vision that is integrative and pluralist. 

Young leaders have an important role to play to shape the society they want to live in, and the current generation of leaders is willing to help them build that future.

From IDeas...

We invite 40 emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds to come together and debate without taboos about all these topics. The goal is to build an “idea reactor” to co-create the society of tomorrow. It is based on a few key characteristics: multidisciplinarity, diversity of stakeholders, a shared feeling of being a ‘citizen’, continuous adaptation, daring and creativity. 

Together you will generate new ideas and approaches about how to tackle today’s challenges for a better future: we provide the framework for the conversations to happen, you provide the creativity and energy to foster solutions. Everyone can bring a topic, a perspective, an approach, there is no prescriptive agenda. Vision and ambition will emerge from collective conversations and small group discussions. 

...To Incubation

Beyond that, our intention is to offer you a platform to make your ideas a reality. 

Firstly, with our media supporters De Tijd and L’Echo, you have an opportunity for pushing your ideas forward: you can publish articles and create media content reaching broad audiences. 

Secondly, you have a direct access to a rich network of more than 50 accomplished leaders who support this initiative. They are ready to support you in various ways. 

Thirdly, through the community of the Belgium’s 40 Under 40, you will meet 39 other young leaders whom you can team up with to transform your ideas into concrete realizations.