About the Cohorts

Following the initial call for candidates in December 2020, we received almost 1000 applications from young leaders willing to change our society. Selecting only 40 among them proved to be remarkably challenging…

Based on the compelling feedback provided by the Selection Panel -composed of Supporters of the initiative- after the interviews in February 2021, we have decided to create two groups of 40!

Two cohorts, of equal quality and strength, have embarked on the Belgium40u40 journey this year. The inaugural one -the Spring cohort- has started in April, and the second -the Autumn cohort- in September.

In selecting participants, we have tried to create groups that give the broadest and most diverse representation of our society, gathering multiple languages, origins, backgrounds, sectors, and experiences, with the aim of bringing together the widest possible lens of societal interests.

Spring Cohort 2021
Autumn Cohort 2021